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IRF Prezidenta ziņojums par WRC2014 rezultātu problēmu

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IRF Prezidenta ziņojums par WRC2014 rezultātu problēmu

Post by guntars » Fri Nov 21, 2014 10:13 am

Please find attached for your information and use a report compiled by the OUSA Rogaine Subcommittee regarding the corruption of results data at the 12th World Rogaining Championships held in South Dakota in August 2014 (12WRC2014)
This report offers no conclusive root cause for the data corruption at this event but does suggest some possible contributing factors
The report, and other relevant available data, has been reviewed by; Lauri Leppik, Jan Tojnar and myself and we offer the following commentary to it:
· The combination of SportIdent and RogainManager have been used successfully at many rogaines both before and after 12WRC2014 and thus there appears to be no evidence that there is an inherent problem with this combination of equipment and software
· Tarmo Klaar, the developer of RogainManager, and Guntars Mankus, an expert SI user, were both closely involved in the data recovery process following 12WRC2014 and are mentioned a number of times in this report. Both are very comfortable with the combination of SportIdent and RogainManager and have distanced themselves from this report and the 12WRC data corruption issue
· Edward Despard, an SI expert involved in the investigation has noted: "I suspect that different versions of the readout software may have been on different computers resulting in some people downloading fine, and others having issues." This has neither been proven nor disproven but appears the most plausible technical cause suggested
· The 12WRC2014 Organisers had only purchased the RogainManager Licence three weeks prior to the event and thus had not had any opportunity to develop any familiarity with the system in a live event setting
· The individual responsible for management of the IT services, including SI and RogainManager, for 12WRC2014 was also the individual responsible for; course setting, map fieldwork and overall event administration and coordination. This concentration of responsibilities with a single individual combined with the lack familiarity with the software was an extreme risk

The report contains a number of suggestions the key ones of which include:
· The full punching, recording and results system should be assembled and thoroughly tested prior to deployment to the field. – The IRF considers that this should be done as part of an actual event
· For a WRC there should be a dedicated IT manager who is fully familiar with the punching, recording and results system being used, including troubleshooting issues during the event. – OUSA suggests that this person needs to be IRF approved but this may be neither practical nor helpful in that the IRF does not know the expertise of specific individuals around the world and having an individual approved by the IRF does not automatically make them suitable
· There should be a secondary results collection process that can be activated in the case of a complete failure of the primary system. This will allow presentation of preliminary results on the day if such complete failure occurs

You will be aware that the IRF has now implemented a mandatory IRF Event Adviser for all WRCs from 2015 forward with authority over all WRC technical matters. We expect that this process will allow potential major risk issues with future WRCs to be identified well ahead of the event and addressed in a timely fashion

Richard Robinson
International Rogaining Federation Inc.
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