8th European Rogaining Championships, July 23-24, 2011, Latvia     
Rogaining finished!
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Latest entered team:
PT Hysteria @ start group XJ24

Teams, 24h competition: 298
Teams, 6h competition: 29
Teams, total: 327

People, 24h competition: 647
People, 6h competition: 63
People, total: 710

Top 3 countries by number of participants:
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16 May 2011
Some shapes of near future

In order of appearance:

1) Second list for invitations is closed and next week everyone, who send us their data, will get invitation number.
2) Bulletin Nr 2 is in process of translation into Russian. All important information will be prepared in Russian, too.
3) It is sure now - we will offer transfer busses from/to Riga terminals. Soon we will ask you about your travel schedule if you are planning to take transfer offer.
4) We will offer tent places at competition centre. Another options in very close surroundings is estimated about 250 beds. Of course, there are also other options a bit more distant - guesthouses, hotels, campings, motels, and so on.

So far. Detailed information will follow soon.

09 May 2011
Last call for visas

The second list for invitations to get visa to Latvia is going to be closed in a week. If some of you, who need invitation, will miss this chance - to be included into invitation list - be ready for more activity to get "a ticket".

Please, send information (name, surname in Latin transcription, birth date and place, nationality, home address, consulate, where you going to receive visa) to registration or organizers e-mail.

11 Apr 2011
We have no information about more than 30 teams. Status of these teams have been changed to "warning waiting". That means - we are still waiting information on our regular mailboxes: registration@rogaining.lv or rogain@okzk.lv

01 Apr 2011
Into the second period

"Early birds" flew away really fast for organisers. Especially, "take-off" on February 1. And lots of new experiences later. Now we are expecting some period of relax. Fine tuning for "early birds", horror for those, who woke-up recently :)
Of course, registration team are still online to listen to you and solve any problems you may encounter.
Participants from Russia and Ukraine, who let us know their personal detail for invitation till April 1 (not included), will very soon receive invitation ID for use when applying for visa at embassies of Latvia. Invitation is going to be accepted after April 5.

We are kindly ask all other visa applicants to send your information to rogain@okzk.lv as soon as possible to complete this part of the game.

28 Mar 2011
"Early birds" are flying away

This is the last week (few days) for "Early bird" registration and low cost entry fee, as well.
Some important advices:
1) you can make one payment for several teams together, while showing in transfer information, which teams (invoice numbers);
2) teams, which didn't make payment and for some reason didn't receive "ERC reminder" - ask for it (
rogain@okzk.lv), there is some aditional info about payments;
3) teams, which registered but for some reason didn't receive invoices - ask for it (
4) please, send your personal information for invitations for visas to
rogain@okzk.lv if you need visa and didn't send info allready (Russia, Ukraine);
5) since we have places within our new limits (we still have some for ourselves), teams which enter these days are going through waiting state to registered/unpaid state to be eligible for "early bird" registration benefits;
6) if you will decide to withdraw your entry, you can do it while login and delete your entry yourself or send request to registration@rogaining.lv

It is not necessary to send us your bank receipt copies, since we will wait until transfer will show up in our account. Of course, you may notify us about payment you made. Especially, when time is running out.


21 Mar 2011
Spring is here!

Latvia is a country of four seasons. The most promising - spring - has come tonight! Four months are left for us to put everything in place to give start to 8th ERC.
"Waiting" list has been cleaned once more - all teams have been registered.
We still have places for some teams to register. The question is - will the number of these places grow after two weeks, when the time will run out for "early bird" registration and entry fee transfers.

17 Mar 2011
What next?

Let's sketch some steps in near future we are going to take.

Some (or, maybe, all) teams from waiting list will receive status - "registered" and will receive invoice with "early bird" fees.

It is now two weeks before regular registration will start ;)

We will wait some time after April, 1 for all transactions to finish. After it we have to check - what's going on with "lost" teams. Most radical action - "lost" team will go to waiting list untill we get conformation e-mail from this team. Then we may change status to "registered" again, and team will get new, "regular" fee, invoice.

Now, alarm letter is being prepared for all who are going to lose some euros very soon if failing to transfer fees in time (see Bulletin 2). Part of the game, guys!

Such a forecast for next two weeks in ERC2011.

28 Feb 2011

Now, when we can start to imagine the scale of our event, information from you will become more and more important.
First - we are still gathering information for invitations for rogainers from Russia and Ukraine to get visas. Soon we are going to finish the list (on April 1), what we have so far, and make invitation. One more (on May 15) (and no more) invitation may come later. Later decision to take part will require another option for getting visa.
Second - arrival, transportation, camping and catering information. You can edit your team entry and show this information in free form in "Notes" field, if you think this will be important for you and us. Among all - transport units(cars, buses, ...), tent places, vegetarian food, etc.
Third - don't forget about SI cards. We will only take responsibility for "rent" ones.
Fourth - we have to remind you - bank transfer comission is up to you. It isn't included into entry fee. We will take it back at the registration, if comission had been subtracted from entry fee.

Return here frequently to be informed!

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